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NewSlim is a standard-motor-screen with a slim box(105x95mm). Every screen includes a stepless-adjustable switch-off, suitable for wall- or ceiling-mounting. Optional there is radio- or infrared-remote-control.

Compact Motor is a professional electrical screen with an alu-box.
With the 16:9-Compact-Motor a 30cm-black-drop realizes the optimal viewing angle.

Motor-Major and Motor-Large are presentation-screens of 3m to 7m width.

The Motor-Brillant is characterized by an excellent plane-position. It is delivered with that 1mm light-closed Brilliant-Cloth. It also has a 5cm black-edge. The 16:9-Version has a 30cm black-drop.

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model format image width image height border price
Motor Brillant 16:9 274 cm 154 cm ja 1.566,00 €
Motor Brillant 16:9 305 cm 172 cm ja 1.777,12 €
Motor Brillant 16:9 335 cm 189 cm ja 1.815,40 €
Motor P-Compact 4:3 280 cm 213 cm ja 1.013,88 €
Motor P-Compact 4:3 300 cm 228 cm ja 1.138,83 €

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