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 Horizontal Screen-Wall ElectriMask
Horizontal Screenwall ElectriMask

Horizontal Screen Barrier ElectriMask is the ideal screen, if transitionless adjustable display-formats are wished. With this exclusive screen you can cover the display-format of standard PAL/4:3 up to CINEMASCOPE/2.35:1.
Horizontal the Screen Barrier ElectriMask Screen is equipped with electronic-controlled, black masking, which are retracted and are extended by the upper and/or lower screen-frame. These masking can be addressed with our safe-voltage-control, infra-red-remote or a screen-trigger.

Horizontal the Screen Barrier ElectriMask is characterised by a very high quality of materials, a top-processing and an extreme longlife. An optional, black velvet coating for frames and masking lets this screen, apart from perfect functionality, become an exclusive part of furniture.

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model format image width image height border price
EMSNH 082H Standard 16:9 183 cm 103 cm ja 8.540,00 €
EMSNH 092H Standard 16:9 203 cm 114 cm ja 9.114,00 €
EMSNH 100H Standard 16:9 221 cm 124 cm ja 9.634,00 €
EMSNH 106H Standard 16:9 235 cm 132 cm ja 10.042,00 €
EMSNH 110H Standard 16:9 244 cm 137 cm ja 10.311,00 €
EMSNH 123H Standard 16:9 272 cm 152 cm ja 11.159,00 €
EMSNH 135H Standard 16:9 300 cm 168 cm ja 12.038,00 €