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Example Picture Transmission:

You invest into high-quality Projectors, DVD-Players and AV-Receivers and loose with cheap cables much more of that quality you acquired before. Do not save at the wrong point. You use your cables over years and are annoyed then again and again at wave-lines, moire, interferent irradiations or unsatisfactory image-quality.

Also there is a sequence in the quality of the signals: The ascending quality is: Video, S-VHS, RGB, YUV, DVI or HDMI. Use,if possible, the high-quality signal-transmission DVI or HDMI. Or you already select the devices according to these criteria. At the latest, if you play HDTV (the highly soluble television) or DVDs in HighDefinition, see the difference.

The video-signal has the lowest signal-quality and is led through BNC-, Cinch- or Scart-Cable. The video-cable in crimped BNC-Design has the smallest losses and transition-resistances. It is a big cable, but it also has the best measured signal-values. You install the video-signal up to 100 m nearly loss-free. With Scart can be installed up to 21 lines in the cable. Pay attention to metal-plugs and gold-connections. If the devices do not offer other signal-output than Scart, you should use a design of the Scart-Cable after your needs.

The S-VHS-Line leads the picture- and colour-signal in separate lines. Cheap cables show stray-effects of dimmers, disturbances when switching electrical devices on and off, or a rushed picture.

Better here are the protected RGB- or YUV-Cables, which transmit the colors singularly. Here no color fringings or pearl-ropes are seen at the colour-transitions.

High-End Picture-Transmission is realized with DVI- or HDMI-Cable. Use cables with copper-veins up to 15m. Beyond that, optical waveguide-cables should be used, a length up to several 100 meters does not matter.