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 Video Studio
We know the good picture

Film-Productions and copies

  • Film-Productions for industry, tourism, fashion, sports and medicine
  • Takes to BetacamSP or DVCam
  • Producing in professional studios with PINNACLE
  • Takes in german
  • Dubbing into every language
  • Copies to Betacam, DV, VHS, CD, DVD
  • Data-Processing NTSC-PAL-NTSC
  • Scanning Super8mm and 16mm

VSP means excellent quality: The Heimkino-Award is the sign for highest requirements in the range of home-cinema

 Home Cinema
We create your own cinema

  • Exclusive installation of home-cinemas
  • Design, installation, service
  • Stewart-Screens, Filmscreen, Studiotek, FireHawk, GrayHawk
  • Presentation-areas
  • Projectors for events and fairs
  • HighEnd-Projectors and screens for the home-cinema
  • TFT-Screens
  • Plasma-Screens
  • Audio-Plants
  • Room-Control for projection, light and sound
  • Home-Cinema-Accessory


About the pleasure in the large-screen

Here one helps to you:

  • Repair of Seleco- / SIM2-Tube- and DLP-Projectors
  • Update, Tuning, Modification
  • Which is the right position of the projector ? - ANSWER: We calculate the range to the screen with the


  • Free lamp-exchange
  • Cable-Manufacturing
  • Exclusive-Designed screens

 Advantage Selection
LCD-Projector Sharp PG-B10S
The inexpensive LCD-Projector for presentation and newcomer - at 799,00 ?
LCD-Projector Hitachi PJ-TX100
The Home-Cinema-Projector with demonstration of HDTV - at special-price
DLP Projektor Sharp XV-Z2000
DLP-Projector for HDTV with DVI-Input
QS1080IR HDTV-Satellite-Receiver with SmartCard
The best picture: HDTV-Receiving with DVI-, YUV- or RGB-Output
Projector- and Beamer-Lamps
The database includes 3600 projector-lamps. Write into the SEARCH: manufacturer and model
Plasma-Screen Pioneer PDP-435XDE
Plasma-Perfection - with 7 billion colors
DLP Projektor SIM2 HT300EVO
Noble design and high-quality-technology
Sim2 RTX 55
Perfect large-screen with HDTV-Technology and waveguide-cable
DLP-Projektor Marantz VP-12S3
HighEnd-DLP-Projector with color-measuring-system - at special-price

24.01.2005: Premiere presents HDTV

24.01.2005: NEC presents HD/DVD-Drive

19.01.2005: Football Worldcup 2006 - in HDTV

03.10.2004: The new website is online